I created my first personal website around 1996 in the now defunct Geocities. Later I maintained a personal website in asturlinux.org, the local Linux user group that I co-founded. Then I moved to just blogging in blogpost.com and my personal website was no longer maintained. After many years of neglect, today I spent a bit of time setting up a new personal website using Github Pages.

There is not much to be seen here for now. I may eventually add some content. For now here are some links:

  • An archived version of the abandoned website from asturlinux.org (in Spanish), which has not been updated since 2007.
  • The blog that I wrote during my decade living in Sydney, Australia, between 2012 and 2022.

This new website is hosted in Github Pages. A few technical details: the website is completely static. Setting it up using the instructions from Github was very easy. I’m using VSCode to edit the contents because I want to get a bit more familiar with that IDE (I mostly use Jetbrains IDEA in my daily job). I installed a few VSCode plugins for Jenkins and Github. The only hiccups so far were:

  • I was experiencing some errors when running bundle install. The problem was that the version of the bundle gem was a bit oldie. I ran gem install bundler again followed by bundle --full-index and that solved the problem.

  • The Jekyll plugin for VSCode was failing to start the Jekyll server, but the error message was not obvious. After a bit of Googling, I discovered that it aparently it needs an additional dependency. I ran bundle add webrick and the problem disappeared.