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RDFa Developer and Trioo

I've served as director of two Master Degree Thesis that have been successfully presented this week. On Monday, Javier graduated with a remarkable project, named RDFa Developer. We're very proud of this tool, which provides easy means for exploring the RDFa annotations encoded in webpages. If you're a web developer and you still don't know RDFa, you should take a look at this technology, which is being adopted by all major players in the web scene. Javier's contribution is a leap forward in RDFa tooling, it may become one of your favorite Firefox extensions. Congratulations, Javi!

This morning, my long-time collaborator Sergio presented Trioo, an interesting exploration on the convergence between object-oriented programming and the web of data. Although this is clearly just a first step in a long path, some proof-of-concept implementations are already available. This piece of research has the potential to commoditize the development of software in the web of linked data. Excellent job, Sergio!