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Free software projects

These are some of the free software projects I've been involved in, both in my personal time and my professional activity:

  • MyMobileWeb. A open-standards-based platform that simplifies the development of top-quality mobile web applications and portals, providing an advanced content and application adaptation environment.
  • EzWeb. A mash-up platform that is the front end layer of a new generation SOA architecture.
  • WodiDoc. An innovative tool to create composite documents from heterogeneous sources.
  • REST-in-py. A Python library to easily create REST interfaces for web applications.
  • Vapour. A Linked Data and content-negotiation validator. Public service available.
  • TeRRaS (2009). An implementation of semantic matchmaking.
  • AGUA (2009). A library to perform grounding of semantic web services.
  • OntoSpread (2007). A library to support spread activation techniques over ontologies.
  • SWAML (2007). An effort to publish mailing list archives in the semantic web using the SIOC ontology. SWAML won a National free software project award.
  • WESO (Web Semántica en Oviedo) (2006). I wrote an API to access DL reasoners from Haskell using the DIG protocol.
  • Zinc: clases de tipos en un lenguaje lógico-funcional (2004). English title: Type classes in a functional-logic language. It was my Master degree project, and it won an award from the Asturian Computer Engineers Association.
  • LuPI, a minimal Prolog interpreter written in Java (2003).
  • Sistema distribuido para la gestión de un cibercafé (2001). Yet another Internet Cafe management application. Unfortunately, it is not available for download yet.
  • CHM library for Java. Some utility classes that help to write look-and-feel guidelines compliant applications in Java.
  • Juego de la Pocha en Java. An implementation of a typical Spanish card game, with network features.
  • PST-UML package for LaTeX. An utility package to make UML diagrams in LaTeX.
  • AsturLiNUX website maintenance using a complex XML and XSLT infrastructure.

Moreover, I've submitted translations or patches to other projects, such as LGrind, phpLibLogin or Drupal.