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About me and this site

Avatar Hi! I'm a software engineer born in Oviedo (Spain) but based in Sydney (Australia). I'm currently working for Atlassian. Previously, I was a Semantic Web researcher and I participated in large-scale European research projects as well as in W3C standardisation groups. You can find out more about my research activity and scientific publications. I occasionally enjoy teaching on technical subjects such as XML, Linked Data and Semantic Web.

I'm also a Free Software advocate. I was a founder of AsturLiNUX, a local Linux and Free Software user group at Asturias. Read more about my Free Software activity.


diego berrueta net
My GnuPG public key is available.
Office: +61 2 9262 1443
Skype: diego.berrueta
Instant messaging:
GTalk: berrueta@gmail.com
http://berrueta.net/foaf.rdf#me 00:c2:6e:a4:76:7b:6b:f4:1a:33:62:e6:5f:6c:16: 71:7e:3a:72:5e:a9:83:e7:f3:b4:35:50:ff:eb:4f: f8:d2:e7:a6:7c:51:c6:fe:da:e7:06:a8:da:4c:7e: 58:b4:95:85:46:8d:26:ae:e3:0c:df:2b:c4:fb:0b: 4b:99:4c:c7:08:40:92:dc:8b:0b:cf:f8:39:22:df: 8c:25:5f:84:41:d9:2f:3d:51:83:a3:85:fa:19:a7: 4e:cb:e4:bf:bf:49:1a:e2:88:a7:01:4a:54:05:cd: 06:67:61:74:53:a2:ea:95:ce:82:aa:ce:4a:88:cb: 8e:66:b5:04:8a:3e:fa:a7:2c:f3:ce:a7:2b:3e:4f: af:78:be:db:66:2c:51:e8:07:9e:07:ac:bc:e2:a8: f2:e8:ae:99:ed:77:39:38:55:47:06:01:da:75:47: 31:6a:17:d8:bd:2d:1b:5d:d2:dd:60:fa:54:6f:4e: a5:5b:d8:44:2a:fc:ee:27:b0:8c:9e:62:bf:48:f7: 7d:61:18:7c:1e:61:3c:eb:b4:4d:f4:e0:0b:ad:5c: fb:e7:9c:b1:03:e2:3b:59:70:5e:ea:5a:98:40:59: 96:b1:39:9a:ce:10:1e:7a:f9:ad:68:71:37:ab:90: ea:ec:dc:e1:a9:1c:f9:a6:bd:d0:60:02:5f:ad:8d:10:e9
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