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An idea for my PhD dissertation

(This is a reprint of the original post)

A year ago, I started my doctorate studies at the University of Oviedo. In this time, I attended to some short courses, listening to the research experiences of some of my teachers, but now the time has come to start my own research. Of course, I've thought a lot about the topic of my research. It is not an easy decision, as it has far-reaching implications, so I've tried to be very careful. Labra provided some hints, which I appreciate. They were all focused on the Semantic Web, which is a very desirable feature for me (I'm currently working as a Semantic Web researcher, and the coincidence would benefit both my job and my studies).

Finally, in the second week of August, an idea came to me. It is also based on the Semantic Web; in fact, it relates with a piece of technology that (I think) is still missing on the Semantic Web. I believe it was Eric S. Raymond who said that the most successful projects come from a developer scratching a personal itch. Of course, I still don't know if this project is going to be a success, but surely it has its origin on one of my itchs.

I don't pretend to tell any details here and now. Today I explained my idea to some of my colleagues, who kindly spent their time listening to me. I did so because I wanted some feedback. Their warm reception has given me courage to start this adventure.