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Member of a W3C Working Group

(This is a reprint of the original post)

As any reader of this blog can tell, I don't write about my job (well, just a small note long ago and a joke afterwards). However, as part of my job, I've started a new activity which, by its nature, is public. Some weeks ago, I joined the Semantic Web Deployment Working Group at W3C. I'm very proud of being part of the standard-making process of the web. Two years ago, when I finished my Master Degree, I used to saw the W3C as an unattainable organization of brilliant masterminds. Today, I still think there are plenty of extremely competent people at W3C, but I feel much closer (thank my employer). Of course, I'm humble, so I feel honored and impressed between those smarter and more experienced people. Knowing my limitations, I'll try to do my best to be on top of the things and to be a productive member of the community. I think I have a great opportunity to learn from the sources.

Today, we held the first of our weekly teleconferences (by phone). Even if the teleconferences are member-only, the minutes and the mailing list archives are public, so I'm not disclosing anything. In fact, I will probably write again about my experiences with the Working Group, but I will restrict myself to the information that is already public elsewhere.