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The joy of getting feedback

(This is a reprint of the original post)

As an occasional free software developer, I sometimes receive feedback from users of my software. It doesn't happen every day, so I really enjoy these messages. Furthermore, they are usually gratitude messages or constructive comments. People are using the software I wrote, and that's comforting. Some of them find it useful, and they e-mail me to share their experiences. Others have problems, and they also e-mail me to ask for help. Sometimes, the feedback contributes to improve the software. For instance, I sometimes receive bug reports, which are very useful, although I -sadly- don't have time to fix them. Still better, in a few cases, people have sent me patches to fix bugs or the extend the software features. That's really great. However, I'm happy with all kinds of feedback, even with messages that simply say "hey, I'm using your software". All of them encourage me to continue writing and releasing software (when I have time).