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New gadget: a Palm handheld

(This is a reprint of the original post)

In the last few weeks, I've bought a few gadgets (arguably due to the closeness of my next birthday, perhaps I feel older?). I recently posted about my Wii, but I also bought a Palm T|X Handheld (the Wikipedia page is, as usual, very complete). In the last months, my agenda has grown complex, and I no longer can rely in my memory to keep track of the meetings and travels. Of course, there are fine PIM software for the PC (Evolution is a good example), but sometimes I need to check my agenda or arrange a new meeting without my PC. Therefore, I decided to give the handheld a try. Some of my readers might remember that I already have a Nokia 770. However, even if it excels on the multimedia and Internet, the 770 is (still) unusable as a PIM (this is my opinion, of course). My new gadget is vastly superior in this task, and also lighter and smaller, and has a longer battery-life.

By the way, can you recommend some must-have applications for my Palm? I'm particularly interested in a RSS reader and an IM (Jabber) client.