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Introducing Vapour

(This is a reprint of the original post)

Some weeks ago, I announced a set of JUnit tests for checking the compliance of a web site against the Best Practice Recipes for publishing RDF vocabularies. In that post, I asked for some help to evolve those tests into a service accessible through the web. In the Boston F2F of the SWD WG, I took an action to implement such a service. Fortunately, Wikier and Frade offered their collaboration. We are writing a web-based validator tool in Python, using RDF reports (in EARL and HTTP-in-RDF, see an sample RDF report) that are later translated into pretty HTML pages (sample HTML). Of course, the application is free software and hosted in SourceForge (Vapour project page). Please note that Vapour is still far from finished, and we are currently implementing some missing features.

I'm glad to collaborate with the working group, and also very grateful to the friends and colleagues that are helping me with my duties. In addition to Wikier and Frade, Kagueto and Pyro contributed some CSS art.