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Jobs and Woz

(This is a reprint of the original post)

I spent the Easter in my beloved retreat at the mountain. While I was there, I reached the last page of some books. Let's talk about two of them.

I simultaneously read two biographies of two closely-related, leading figures from the technology world. They are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, co-founders of Apple. Even their books have similar titles: iCon (Jobs) and iWoz (Wozniak). However, the books take different approaches to the characters, and they cover different time-frames. Woz's portrait focuses on the technology, the engineering, the details of the design and programming of the computers in the 1970's. Job's story begins when he leaves Apple in 1985, and he puts his energy in two new projects, NeXT and Pixar. Eventually, Jobs used these companies to recover the control of Apple and, more recently, also Disney. Since then, Apple has grown bigger than ever, with incredibly successful (and sexy!) products like the iPod (today, Apple announced that the 100 millionth iPod was sold).

I think both books are worth reading, even if you aren't a computer geek (additionally, you can read one of my previous posts about Steve Jobs). For example, you can learn how Jobs sold a Mac to King Juan Carlos during a gala-dinner!