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Learning new symbols

(This is a reprint of the original post)

One of the best things of travels is that you discover and learn new things. Wikier has already posted about how the cars are parked in Poznan (Poland). When we were there, we also discovered that (at least in some cases) public toilets are not identified by the usual symbols (an iconified picture of a man or a woman). Sometimes, there is only a triangle or a circle, without words. Sorry, but I don't have any photo to illustrate this story: I'm not brave enough to stand in front of the women's toilet to shoot a photo, specially in a foreign country!

Of course, these new symbols are a challenge for foreign people, like Wikier and me. Can you imagine which one (triangle/circle) suits your gender? Would you have made a decision and entered one of them, and maybe faced the shame of choosing the wrong door? Try to use your logic to determine which symbol represents male and which one represents female, and only then, check your answer! By the way, are you aware of any other country that uses these symbols?