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A book about Google

(This is a reprint of the original post)

Some time ago, Labra posted in his blog about "The Google Story", a book about the popular search engine. Of course, it caught my attention, so I bought the book. I started reading it during my trip to Poland, and now I've just finished. It's a good book that tells an interesting story. You don't need to be very old to remember the rise of Google, because all the action has taken place over the last ten years. In fact, I still remember the first time somebody told me about Google ("hey, you have to try this!"), because I was really amazed with the superiority of Google with respect to the previous search engines. It probably happened in 1999 or 2000, and Google has been my preferred search engine since then. I also remember Google's announcement of GMail (in fact, I was fooled and I thought it was a joke, although I quickly admitted my mistake). I also have had other "wow!" moments, for instance, the first time I saw Google Maps/Earth, and every time Google delivers search results in just fractions of a second. So it's probably fair to say that I'm guilty of being a Google fan. That said, I wouldn't like to live in a Google-dominated world, no matter what their motto is!