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PhD research project

(This is a reprint of the original post)

I'm sure nobody has noticed, but in the last month I've posted just once. In fact, I've been very busy completing the report of my PhD research project (warning: this is not my PhD dissertation, that will be the next -and last- step). Finally I made it, and I submitted the report to the University last Tuesday. I even moved forward my holidays in order to have more time to finish the writing. As usual, I retired to the isolation of the mountains for two weeks, and when I returned, the job was done! Now I'm struggling to make some fine slides, because next week I'll defend my work after a board.

So, what is the topic of my research project? Well, I'll make it public soon, but at the moment I can advance that it is related with the Semantic Web (although this will hardly surprise anyone). Stay tuned!