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One step closer

(This is a reprint of the original post)

Today I successfully presented my PhD research project (remember: this is not PhD thesis, it is just a previous step). It was very well received by the board, and it achieved the highest marks. I'm very grateful for their help to my project advisor (Labra), to my colleagues at CTIC for their insightful comments and to the reviewers who contributed to the quality of the final result.

When will my dissertation be disclosed? Really soon, I promise. I still want to finish some details before making it public. Please be patient!

And when will I get my PhD? Good question. I'll do my best to start working on my thesis right now, and to keep working until it is finished. However, it might be take some time (years). So please, be very patient! Fortunately, I've completed all the previous steps, although I still have to make another simple presentation next month, just a formality.