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Alive and kicking

A friend of mine told me recently that my blogging activity has decreased in the last months. A glance to my blog reveals only four entries in the last four months. This effect is a reflect of my lack of (spare) time. So what I have been doing during the last months? Well, I traveled (Vienna, Paris, Berlin...); I edited a new draft of the Recipes (hopefully, a newer one will be published soon); I co-authored and successfully submitted some papers to international workshops; I taught a lesson in a course on semantic web at the University, etc.

Apparently I forgot to post something here about my trip to Berlin in February. It was my second time there, but unfortunately, this time I was there for just a few hours. I attended to a day-long meeting, but I made a very executive travel: I was back to my place less than 36 hours after leaving home. In those hours, I took four flights, I waited at four different airports, I took a number of taxis, but I didn't have too much sleep. I was sick (a heavy case of cold), so the experience wasn't very pleasant. Of course, I didn't have even a single minute for tourism or sightseeing.

Besides my work at CTIC, I've been working in my PhD thesis. I published my first paper related with my thesis, and I released a simple software component called XSLT+SPARQL that demonstrates a possible approach to the problem I'm tackling with. The good news is that I'm moving forward and I have a lot of ideas to explore. The bad news is that there is still a lot of work ahead.