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Amsterdam (I)

I'm writing this post from my hotel room in Amsterdam, although I'll probably post it tomorrow, since I don't have Internet access here. So at the end, I managed to arrive to Amsterdam. It was quite an adventure! My first flight today, from Asturias to Madrid, was cancelled due to fog conditions at Ranón. Therefore, I missed the connection in Madrid to Amsterdam. I travelled by road (six hours inside a coach) from Asturias to Madrid, and then I waited there for 4 hours more until I could fly to Amsterdam (fortunately there was a second flight from Madrid to Amsterdam today!). As a consequence, I arrived very late to Amsterdam, so I missed any opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing of the city today. However, at the end, flying in this late flight had two advantages. In the first place, I travelled in business class (apparently, when I was relocated in this flight, there wasn't any seat in tourist class). And in the second place, I met a fellow who worked at CTIC for a few months last year. He attended to Fundamentos Web earlier this week in Gijón, and he was returning home. It was nice to see him again!

I think I've learned a lesson. If the SWD WG meets again in the future, I'll probably dial-in in order to participate in the meeting from my place. This is the second time I travel to a SWD meeting, and once again, I have had problems with the flights! (last time, I stayed an unexpected night at London while I was in route to Boston).