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Amsterdam (II)

I'm back at $HOME after three days at Amsterdam, where I attended to a Semantic Web Deployment W3C WG meeting. I did some sightseeing each night after the end of each session. I really liked Amsterdam, it is very different to the Spanish cities. The channels and the streets are beautiful. Apparently, people don't walk: they cycle to their destination. The city is fully packed with bikes, I think I've never seen so many of them before. I also had a couple of nice dinners, and I met a number of interesting people. I hope I'll return soon, but next time as a tourist.

There were two situations in which I felt like I was in Asturias. One of them was when I found a snack called "Cabrales cheese" in a bar. I still can't believe it! I ordered the snack and it was the real thing. I enjoyed its taste with some of the people from the WG.

The second believe-it-or-not situation took place this morning, when I called a taxi from the hotel to the airport. The driver was an Indian guy, and when he discovered where I am from, he asked: "are you a supporter of Real Oviedo?". I was so shocked! This folk knew a lot of facts about the team, including the colour of the shirt or the seasons when the team achieved its most important achievements.

But there was another surprise waiting for me during my journey back. I arrived to Madrid, and then I took the flight to Asturias. But our take off was delayed about 45 minutes. First, they said there was a "small problem". Later, the captain told us that it was the first flight of that aircraft, and there was "a missing piece of software". They took 30 minutes to install that "important" software package in the aircraft systems (maybe it was the TomTom GPS application? :-). Fortunately, they successfully installed the software and then we left Madrid. Definitely, I don't have any luck with airways.