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Cannes (II)

The second half of my stay in Cannes included giving a talk to present a semantic web project we have developed at CTIC. Many people seem interested by this application, which has become a Case Study for the W3C Semantic Web initiative.

The return trip was, as usual, eventful. I tried to save some money by taking a train from Mandelieu to Nice. When I arrived to the train station, I discovered that the railways were on strike, and there was no train service. Apparently, the bus line to the airport only works in the summer season. As I had a lot of time before boarding the plane, I decided to walk 8 Km along the shore to Cannes. The weather was ok (although the forecast was rain), so it was a pleasant walk. After a quick visit in Cannes, I took a taxi from there to the Nice airport. I waited four more hours in the terminal, and I boarded with 30 minutes of delay. I miraculously made the connection at Barajas, and finally I arrived home a bit tired.