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The inventor of the WWW (and the Semantic Web) has a blog. He isn't a regular poster, but I find most of his posts very insightful, although sometimes I do not fully agree. Yesterday, Tim wrote a nice piece titled Giant Global Graph (GGG). It's mainly about wording, but I think it is very interesting. Let me quote a section:

I called this graph the Semantic Web, but maybe it should have been Giant Global Graph! Any worse than WWWW? ;-) Not the "Semantic Web" term has been established for a long time, I'm not proposing to change it. But let's think about the graph which it is.

I really love this new term, the "Giant Global Graph" (GGG). It's a pity it is too late to rename the Semantic Web as the GGG. Why I like "GGG"? Well, actually, I don't like the term "Semantic Web". I'm not the only one who thinks it doesn't really represent the idea, and it is prone to confusion. However, I acknowledge that the Semantic Web is Tim's vision, and he coined the term, so probably it is good... it is a shame he didn't come with GGG back then!

Some people think the Semantic Web is all about microformats and better-structured HTML. I don't share that vision. On the other side, some people think the Semantic Web is all about ontologies and Description Logics (or -even worse-, about NLP!). I don't like that vision either. To me, the Semantic Web is a graph of linked objects described in a formal language, which can be retrieved and queried. That's the idea behind the Linked Open Data initiative (read the tutorial for futher information).