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JSON is responsible for the global warming

(WARNING for non-Spanish readers): please learn about the meaning of today's date in Spain before reading this post. Don't let yourself be fooled!.

(For immediate release). A recent research by the University of Oviedo has unveiled shocking news. By carefully examining the ASCII code tables, researchers have found that JSON is a hidden but direct cause of global warming. They have discovered that encoding information in JSON requires more bits set than the more traditional and widely used XML. The following table illustrates this fact. In brackets, the number of bits set:

Used in JSON:
  '{' = 0x7B = 01111011b (6)
  '}' = 0x7D = 01111101b (6)
  '[' = 0x5B = 01011011b (5)
  ']' = 0x5D = 01011101b (5)

Used in XML:
  '<' = 0x3C = 00111100b (4)
  '>' = 0x3E = 00111110b (5)

As more and more applications move to the "Web 2.0" trend, the use of JSON is increasing, thus posing a threat to human ability to survive on planet Earth. Some web engineers argue that JSON is being used in many applications where old-fashioned but green-friendly XML can be used as well. These developers have made a call to their colleagues to think twice before adopting JSON: "Let's do it for our children!". Some sources say the situation is critical: "bits set aren't only more expensive to transmit through the network, but they obviously also waste more energy when stored in RAM and disks".

Following these revelations, other researchers have found other not-essential bits in the ASCII table. Some treehuggers pledge to avoid using lower-case letters, as they require an additional bit set with respect to their upper-case equivalents. Al Gore, the former next president of the USA, world-recognized inventor of the Internet, and senior advisor of Google, has announced that the popular search engine will switch immediately to a upper-case-only interface in their search results, in order to save tons of CO2. A quick estimation leads to the conclusion that billions of bits could be saved by this simple change. "We are sure that the blogger community will follow our example, and soon every single letter on the web will be in upper-case", a Google spokesman said.

However, when confronted with the fact that his own name requires more bits set than Bush's name (see figure), the recent winner of the Nobel prize has declined to make any statement. Maybe he thinks this is an inconvenient truth.

GORE = 0x474F5245 = 15 bits set
BUSH = 0x42555348 = 12 bits set