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Linked Data and Semantic Web

Coincidentally, the web has turned 20 years old more or less at the same time that I was turning 30. Some events have taken place around the world to celebrate this anniversary (the former, you know). The father of the creature (I'm still talking about the former...) gave a fascinating presentation recently at TED. It is well known that TimBL is the inventor and first advocate of the Semantic Web. However, his speech now puts the focus on Linked Data, yet another of Tim's inventions.

I find reasonable to wonder whether the Linked Data initiative is an attempt to re-brand the "old" Semantic Web. Tom Heath believes it is not, and I agree with his argument. I humbly think that the "semantic" web term is too broad and somehow misleading. Even Tim wonders if other names (such as GGG) could have been more appropriate. I find that the vision and principles behind Linked Data and/or GGG are more inspiring than a "semantic" web ruled by ontologies, DL-reasoners or even NLP (which are useful anyway!).