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No time for blogging

It's been more than one month since my last post in the blog. My excuse? An old one: I've been busy, even more than usual, and I haven't found any topic interesting enough to deserve a new post. Actually, besides work, I haven't done too much. Probably the only remarkable thing was that I attended to the first meeting of GUM Asturias, a new local Mac users group. I didn't join the group for a number of reasons. Interestingly enough, very soon there will be a celebration of the first 10 years of AsturLinux, the local free software users group, in which creation I was directly involved. I think I'm the only one that has been in the first meetings of both groups, which hopefully will find ways to cooperate. I was surprised because half of the members of the Mac users group declared themselves as former Linux users. Is Mac absorbing the Linux user base? Has GNU/Linux lost its appeal and are their users surrendering to the charms of Mac? I have my own opinions on those questions, but frankly I never expected to find a large number of Linux-to-Mac switchers.

By the way, I recently watched Welcome to Macintosh, a documentary on the history of Apple. I wasn't impressed, and I can't recommend it. Probably the best thing about this film is this quote by Jim Reekes: "Engineer's are retarded. They have some kind of brain damage that allows them to not have social skills so that they could concentrate long enough to write code. But it's a disease. That's why I had to quite. I mean, I'm like an engineer in recovery. I don't want to write code anymore. It just makes you retarded. I mean, get a girlfriend, get a life. ".