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RDFa in my web page

My recently renewed personal web page has, since its conception, RDFa data embedded in the markup. RDFa is set of attributes and elements which allows to interweave XHTML and RDF. In this way, the same file is readable by humans and machines. RDFa is still an evolving specification (for instance, some important attribute names are still being discussed). I see RDFa as one of the cornerstone technologies of the semantic web. Some of you may know microformats; well, I like to say that RDFa is like microformats, but better done (RDFa is consistent and seamlessly integrates with the semantic web). I don't want to start a flame war with people supporting microformats, and while I recognize some merit to microformats, I clearly prefer RDFa.

If you want to see what RDFa looks like, take a look at the source code of my web page, and then run a RDFa extraction tool to extract the RDF triples (see also another example). At the moment, a major drawback of RDFa is that RDFa-enriched pages fail to pass the W3C XHTML validator. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.