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A week ago from today, I was in Sevilla with my workmate Tejo. It was my first time there, and it was a nice experience (read more and watch the photos at Tejo's blog). I wouldn't be able to live there, and I feel sick when I think about the temperature in August, and I can't find a match between my character and the one of their inhabitants... but anyway, I recognize that Sevilla has something that makes it unique.

Some years ago, I read a book by Arturo Pérez-Reverte titled La piel del tambor. I was very intrigued by the opening remark of the book, which I copy below. Now I'm closer to understand its meaning:

Clérigos, banqueros, piratas, duquesas y malandrines, los personajes y situaciones de esta novela son imaginarios, y cualquier relación con personas o hechos reales debe considerarse accidental. Todo aquí es ficticio, excepto el escenario. Nadie podría inventarse una ciudad como Sevilla.