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Three books

In the last weeks, I've read three essays about three hot topics. I've enjoyed the three of them. In these books, their authors pour their opinions, which are probably different from the mainstream views.

In Free Culture, Larry Lessig (see also his entry in Wikipedia) analyses our culture and creativity, and how the copyright works. I discovered Lessig last year, when I listened to his keynote at TED. I found quite interesting both his ideas and his skills to present the topic, so I decided to buy the book (and yes, I know it's available for download from the link above). Nice reading.

The God Delusion (see also its entry in Wikipedia) is a provocative and sound essay on religion by Richard Dawkins. As others have said about this book, it should be read by both non-believers and also by religious people. Although I didn't find in the book all what I was looking for, it is nevertheless a book that can impact on the way we look at this controversial issue.

Finally, The Assault of Reason by Al Gore (former "next president of the USA", as he presents himself) is a disturbing book about how reason seems to have been removed from the political life. His passionate description of how reason was in the origin of the USA has arose my interest on the foundation of America. After reading the book, I feel (even more) pessimistic about the world we're living on.