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Vinton Cerf at CTIC

Yesterday, we were blessed with the visit of Vint Cerf to CTIC (I don't know if the word 'blessed' is the right one for an evangelist :-). Seriously, we're really proud and grateful for his visit. He was very friendly and showed interest for our activities and research topics, and he happily signed a copy of his paper with R. Khan which settled the foundations of the current Internet decades ago. For a scientist, it must be strange to autograph your own work after so many years.

The newspapers report today that right after his visit to our office, he was interrupted by a phone call from the very Barack Obama. In addition to being the "father of Internet", president of ICANN, vicepresident of Google and so on, Vint is also a personal advisor to the current president of the USA. Of course, this call aroused the interest of the reporters, who immediately asked Vint about the purpose of the phone call. Obviously, he didn't disclose the content of the conversation, but he told Obama that he was having a nice time in Asturias.

By the way, today Vinton went to the Computer Science School of the University of Oviedo, where he held a meeting with the students.